Barre at Synergy

Renee Florio

Is a classical ballet trained barre instructor.  Since starting dance at the age of 3, she has continued ballet throughout her adult life.  From an early age teaching has always been her passion, so the transition from classroom to studio seemed perfect. She has an energetic yet light-hearted approach to her teaching and wishes to share that with everyone she meets. Reneeā€™s goal as a teacher is to empower her students to find strength, joy, and happiness within their own practice.  She likes to make her barre routines fun, yet addicting.
Renee enjoys working with a variety of fitness levels, while helping others achieve their fitness goals. Her hope is you leave every session feeling like a healthier version of your fabulous self.  Renee's workouts will push you to find your inner strength and mental determination, test your limits and challenge you to overcome fitness plateaus. Hard work is what it takes, a good laugh makes it fun and results make it worth it!!