Mike D. - "Trained with Bobby three days a week for about two years! Couldn’t wait to train each time, was sad when the class was over! He works you hard without you really knowing it. Since relocated to LA have not been able to find one trainer on Bobby’s level, knowledge and commitment! Miss him, his studio and Lena!"

Josh L. - "Bobby, you're the fkn MAN!!!"


Jennifer Manning Ventola — Lena and Bobby are the absolute best!!! Not only do they really kick my butt into shape, but they're always changing the workouts so I'm never bored! They're encouraging but tough and never let you give up. And as a side note, they're so personable and comfortable to be around I always feel like I'm with old friends.

Pamela Nobles Donovan — Love Synergy Fit! I have tried many gyms and trainers in the past but working with Lena at SPT is a blast! Only workout routine I have committed to over a year! The energy is always positive! The recently added boot camp on Sun is kick ass! You get the support from the entire SPT TEAM! Bobby Lena Jay and Phil! Welcome To The Jungle.

Jennifer Donadio — I've been training with Lena & I love it! Even if I'm having a bad day, I always feel great after working out with her! Everyone here is very knowledgeable & I definitely recommend Synergy Fit!!

Kate Kelly — I have had a few personal training sessions with Lena and highly recommend her! The hour session goes by fast and the workouts were all new and challenging and a great way to change up my fitness routine!

Jeffrey Rothbard — I have been working out with Jay twice a week for 18 months and also attend boot camp every Sunday. I am in much better shape than when I started and hope to break the world planking record soon. Jay is always enthusiastic, varies the workout routine frequently, and pays careful attention to my physical limitations. The rest of the trainers (Bobby, Lena and Phil) all are very supportive as well.

Catherine Marzullo — I love Synergy! Lena is a great trainer and really pushes me when I am ready to give up. I would definitely recommend Synergy and Lena! Great friendly place!

Tom Zwiener — Great trainers with a variety of tricks and chicanery to make you achieve positive results.

Elizabeth Moore — Lena takes into account your lifestyle, your current fitness level, your time constraints and designs an individual workout that helps you succeed. She is pleasant, personable, reliable and on time. I have increased my self-confidence as well as my physical fitness while working out under her leadership. I never thought I would be someone who would have a personal trainer but I am having a great experience. I highly recommend Lena, she often will offer discounted specials for new clients.

Donna Natale — Both Bobby and Lena are the friendliest and always give tons of encouragement along the way and even a few hearty laughs....  The music is as motivating as the trainers.....GreatSelection that keeps you going.....WOW! A Genuine group of instructors in every way....Sign up...Summer is around the bend!

Jennifer Castaldo — I have been going to synergy fit on and off for about 4 years.  Lena is my trainer and she is amazing!  Lena always has so much energy and her positive attitude always keeps me going.